The Ripple Effect

by Yuin Huzami

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Yuin Huzami began his artistic career early as a graffiti artist at age 11 becoming internationally reknown for his style and dedication to the rebellious art before eventually picking up the mic and establishing himself as a highly regarded, profound and outspoken MC and beat-maker. Regarded by Oz Hip Hop’s best for his technical, advanced flows and politically charged and socially aware lyricism, Yuin has worked tirelessly within the Australian music and art scenes for many years, including pioneering many creative and community based projects and initiatives. Over the past 10 years Yuin has coordinated countless events andexhibitions, predominantly through innovative arts space The Fort which he co-founded in 2008 ( He has recently been travelling to regional communities running workshops in both hip hop music and aerosol art, nurturing young people’s creative talents and providing ongoing platforms for self-expression and creative connections within Queensland communities.

Yuin Huzami has toured extensively with his music, collaborating with well-known US and AUS rappers such as Masta Ace / Wordsworth / The Tongue / Hermitude / Rainman / Crate Creeps and has professionally released over six studio albums as a solo artist and with previous groups Coalition Crew (Obese) and Solotaro. He has supported many big name acts including GZA (Wu-Tang) / Pharoahe Monch / Chali 2Na / Ice Cube / Kool Keith / Blackalicious / Loop Troop / Jean Grey / Hilltop Hoods / Funkoars / Bliss n Eso / The Herd and performed at festivals such as Big Day Out, Parklife, Sounds of Spring, Woodford Folk Festival, Good Vibrations, Livid, 4ZZZ Market Day, Re:Earth and more in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.

His latest solo offeringThe Ripple Effect (OUT NOW through Born Fresh Records) marks Yuin Huzami’s love for both music and art, with the digital album released in conjunction with a series of stunning artworks painted by Yuin Huzami himself. The unique concept album sees the MC/beat-maker/artist at his finest behind the mic and the beats, augmenting the powerful themes explored in his music with a beautiful original art-piece for each song on the album. The original canvas works and limited edition prints are now available exclusively via Please email the below address for inquiries.

The Ripple Effect is a comprehensive and highly original body of work crafted in all its facets by a thoughtful and creative mind with a steady hand. Lead single “Huz Sane” (feat. Mr Laneous) tells an epic story of recreational drug use gone right, then wrong, and then worse as it explores the pros and cons of mind expansion and contraction through licit and illicit substances. “More and more” and “Held Down” visit the everyday struggles of living in a commercial world, drawing attention to the injustices we let slide at the hands of an inherently corrupt system, while “The Spirit Molecule” (feat. Kel on Earth), “Higher Self” and much of the rest of the album calms the nerves with a deeply philosophical and spiritual look at the human race, evolution and the spiritual revolution we are currently experiencing.
The Ripple Effect is out now on Born Fresh Records as a digital download only available from iTunes, CDBaby and in extra high quality here at The new film clip for the first single “Huz Sane” feat Mr Laneous can be viewed in HD at
(For more info and media enquiries contact:
Yuin Huzami at


released February 22, 2012

Track credits: Ripple Effect
All songs produced, arranged, written, chopped, sampled, drum programmed, performed and recorded by Yuin Huzami @ Born Fresh Studios. All Instruments played by Yuin Huzami (unless otherwise credited)
All songs mixed by Cris Stevens (Federal Audio) and Yuin Huzami.
All songs Mastered by K Rasta
Intro: Performed by The Family Yah, Guitar dubs by Anthony (Grim Tilla) McIlwain, Drums by Myka (General Beats) Wallace, Keys by Mr Laneous, Additional drum programming by Yuin Huzami, vocal dubs and delays by Cris Stevens.
More and More: Fretless bass by Tom Hinchliff, synth bass by Yuin Huzami. Keys by Danielle DeBrueys. Scratches by DJ Nikk C, Percussion by Dom Hede.
Held Down: Scratches by DJ Nikk C
Beyond Words: Scratches by Nikk C, fretless bass by Tom Hinchliff, synth bass by Yuin Huzami.
Huz Sane: Co produced by Rainman, chorus written and performed by Mr Laneous, MPC played by Calski.
The Spirit Molecule: Featuring Kel on Earth. Keys, synths performed and written by Michael Meddlycot, co written by Yuin Huzami. Fretless bass by Tom Hinchliff.
The Ripple Effect: Keys and synths written and performed by Danielle DeBrueys. Scratches by DJ Nikk C. Fretless bass by Tom Hinchliff, synth bass by Yuin Huzami. Additional drum programming by Cris Stevens.
Choose One: Featuring Mr Laneous, additional vocals by Kel on Earth, fretless bass by Tom Hinchliff, additional keys by Cris Stevens, MPC by Calski.
New World: keys by Emma (Demalicious) Howard, percussion by Dom Hede.
Higher Self:
The Deep Hold: Performed by The Family Yah, Guitar dubs by Anthony (Grim Tilla) McIlwain, Drums by Myka (General Beats) Wallace, Keys by Mr Laneous, Additional drum programming by Yuin Huzami, vocal dubs and delays by Cris Stevens.
Photography by Conan Whitehouse
Artwork and design by Yuin Huzami



all rights reserved


Yuin Huzami Cusco, Peru

Yuin Huz is a music producer, lyricist and visionary artist from Brisbane, Australia. Currently based in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Yuin is infusing his love of electronic music with acoustic medicine songs and traditional indigenous healing songs in his new studio HQ, Sacred Valley Sounds in Pisac, Peru. ... more

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Track Name: More and more
Confused through the fog, still saluting the problem
Duped by the news while the proof is upon them
We bomb streets, with the troops in our squadron
Coordinate coos with the truth of the profits
We move information, thoughts exchange
Like loose change set the cause ablaze
For ball and chaining corporate slaving all orchestrated
By forces of morbid hatred
Raise fists, till we break through the matrix
Cos if we never take risks nothing changes
Dangerous vocations engaged in
Never on vacation whatever preoccupation
While time is waisted our time has waited
For this grapevine to say where this life will take us
The crimes of the faceless haunt the nation
All withdraw support for the corporation

while this tiny elite string a world wide web of deceit
it’s getting deep we keep letting them reap
compete with one and other to be suckers or fluffers
choose your position while they cast you to fuck ya
any angle that you look at it it’s crooked as it’s tangled
a strangle hold on man’s soul
bank rolled by our inability to man up
trust in humanity or stand up
I can feel a revolution at a subatomic level
Wall street crooks only run to profit devils
If the public would assemble with a billion civilians
this hand full of villains would be kneeling then an
Begging to be spared all the misery created
By their profiteering ways an inability to face it
Hearts empty devoid of all empathy
But it’ll all fall eventually

Everything speeding up, people getting greedier
Media getting seedier we just bust
Everything speeding up, people getting greedier
Media getting seedier we discuss
Everything heating up, people getting greedier
Media getting seedier we just bust
Everything heating up, people getting greedier
Media getting seedier we’ve had enough

Half the nation facing incarceration
Unsure if Barak or Osama’s dangerous
Better access the facts, start debating
Cards are played, bastards are hard to trace
Acting blazay in the last days of the masquerade
Hearts racing the last invasion
Using starvation embargoes laid
To bar the gates and cage in the market place
Take a demons advice getting squeezed in a vice
By thieves in the night with their free enterprise
You believe what you like, perceive with your mind
But defending the blind gives us reason to fight
These tyrants, corporate giants
Who ruin all for resources and finace
The invisible hand is a criminal plan
Put in place by the business man

it’s getting more and more obvious
more and more of us left poor or impoverished
it’s getting more and more obvious
we’ve had enough of this all for the profit shit
it’s getting more and more obvious
why is this infinite life so monotonous
its getting more an more obvious
more and more ominous fall of autonomous
it’s getting more and more obvious
politicians do it all for the lobbyists
it’s getting more and more obvious
fuck the reports of economists
it’s getting more and more obvious
all of your profits just fall in their pockets its
it’s getting more and more obvious
all of our property is own by monopolies
it’s getting more and more obvious
it’s time for some tall poppy chopping it’s
it’s getting more and more obvious
toppling washingtons obilisks
it’s getting more and more obvious
warring for oil still bombing kids
it’s getting more and more obvious
the core of democracies rottenness
Track Name: Held down
If I had me some money I would buy me some time -

Motherfuckers wanna sweat me so hard
Won’t let me go hard, I step with both halves
Both heart and souls they can’t control it
Like growth in molds it can’t unfold
I gotta break these chains set me free
Let me be I just won’t accept the fees
Man nonsense constantly testing me
Trying to raise up costs to the enth degree
Expense and greed to tense to breathe
Dense indeed, yes defence is needed
Like money, somebody lend me freedom
From this corporate blood sport no referies
While my reason tells me to free myself
From the demons out to deceive no doubt
While the system is everybody’s wisdom
My plans are hand written abandon your ambition
Fuck that yo my fam listens
Disadvantaged and damned yo chant with us

If ya held down –held down, Held back – held back
Hell bound – hell bound, Off track – off track
All my peeps getting squashed and hit
Raise a fist in the air and mosh to this
If ya held down –held down, Held back – held back
Hell bound – hell bound, Off track – off track
All my peeps getting washed and rinsed
Because they can’t afford the corporate costs to live

Ha, some people wish they had half my luck
They’re probably not half as stuck or half as ass fucked
Tricked and kicked and sick with stress
And damned if I couldn’t handle a smidgen less
Theirs too much on my plate, too much at stake
Too many cunts to hate amongst the snakes
It’s outrageous, shameless
Facing dark places, pits and cages
But I’ve been talking this shit for ages
Rip the page, yo it’s just a phase
And one day I will disengage – I can’t wait
To see past it, free from hardship
I can’t keep feeding these greedy bastards
It’s too hard, too dark
I’ve come too far, I need a new start
I’m gonna move on up on the honest tip
And just raise new heights like consciousness

If I had me some money I would buy me some time - Repeat

I’m gettin held down –held down, Held back – held back
Hell bound – hell bound, Off track – off track
Now I’m back gonna conquer this
And just raise my fists to this nonsense
gettin held down –held down, Held back – held back
Hell bound – hell bound, Off track – off track
Now I’m back gonna conquer this
And just raise new heights like consciousness
Track Name: Beyond words
Yo it opened up our apertures when it posed for our cameras
Livin vivid or hidden camelion advantages
that break fake barriers carrying the spirit of rebellion
With a bally on from a galleon
of rapscallions attacks baffling
fire ironlak canons balancing way up on a scaffolding
we weather the storm better than the norm
perform under pressure with incredible letter form
eye popping fx Like sofles an meks
jaw droppin the text authorities vexed
ignore property laws tress we pass tests
surpass stress of the yard an jet thru defence
ha they can’t see this they can’t beat us
this art freed us from society’s dark demons
long as the hearts beating we aren’t leaving
we proceed never knowing where this paths leading

How: it all begun as a form of expression that
WE: taught ourselves so absorbed in the session that
BECAME: part of us all individually
but gave us the ability to raise things spiritually

WHO: would have thought that it started with painting
WE: formed a team that discovered the art of creating
ARE: we crazy just for staying so young at heart
Manifesting our own path that’s unchartered

Livin on the low key ask my homie okies
Unlimited growth from this primitive scope
We both sew peace in each an every speech
And masterpiece Released to the sheep in the city streets
Far more than a phase ya’ll caught in the maze
Getting bored while our days are never short of amazing
While they’re grazing in turns we’re blazing the herb
paving preferred paths to escape from the herd
we’re thinking different Infinitely synchronistic
As earth turns yo we’re spinning in it’s rhythm with it
Everyday we evolve the plan unfolds
advance the soul thru can control
on this great journey of life that makes us whole
the yearning to break the mould takes a hold
we invoke our higher goals connected to Gaia’s soul
shine brighter than diamond and gold
while graffiti laws get enforced like it’s terrorism
a strange course but it brought us all together didn’t it.
we got a mad team we got the grand scheme
we got the dreams and the themes in this damn scene

Travel to fantasia with the plant of acacia
An understand the plans of creators with vans the omega
We’re enhancing the flavour advancing the state of
Game play as the universe is granting us favour
For obeying the one law, the law of nature
Who’s force is greater than mankind can claim an so
We incite with insight from inside
In this life we bring light within sight
So feel the vibe it’s real sublime
reveal the sky our thoughts travel on the wheels of time
with artillery for killing steel giants
defiant alliance with eyes peeled in the field of life
GI joes with 3 eye flows
letting go so we floats one thing I know
so it goes with the good intent of a squad of inventors
we’re manifesting our destiny to Sheppard the rest of em free
how. we. became
we bring the dawn and sing to form
everything that we need just to spin the norm
Track Name: The Ripple Effect
This is for the core heads, feeling the force of the vortex
Ready for anything, covered in gortex
While heavenly hemispheres form double Taurus
The Vatican erased what I’m sure Hubble sore
It’s a picture as vivid as the cisteen
Fibonacci codes delivered in a sixteen
A dual reality, I’m living it in split screen
The path of angels trying to get into it’s slip stream
Escape from the mazes patterns through sacred passages
Raised from the ashes of a blue flame capacitor
Ancient practices erased and debased through a mainstream aperture
It’s not as far-fetched to me like Star Trek to Gene
To master the teaching of star-tetrahedron
I’m seeking some clarity, speaking of Harramien
Reach inner balance while they preaching insanity

The ripples, the ripples, the ripples, the ripples
We got the ripple the ripple the ripple the ripple the ripple effect
Unlock it, unblock it, we got the ripple the ripple the ripple the ripple the ripple effect

I’ve been investing my time furnishing the mind
Immaterial leisure, learning of the light
Til my furnaces are bright enough to emanate the warmth
Travel through the heart, premeditate a course
The path that I walk is congruent with the nuances
And fluent with druidic influences
Never getting ruled by the foolishness around me
That’s compounding, lacking any grounding
I peer into mysterious realms
See who’s really at the wheel when fear is at the helm
Well acquainted with my enemy, I’m learning about the self
Journeying within instead of yearning for the wealth
Wily as a warlock, grimy as the raw rock
Jaw dropped still waiting for the door knock
To usher in the new age, proof that no government could ever prove fake
to open up the true nature

Unlock it, unblock it, we got the ripple the ripple the ripple the ripple the ripple effect

Shamanic when I shine like a star planet
Harmonic the truth I’m never far from it
Unified fields electrify steel under car bonnets
when I kick start sonnets, spittin sparks off it
yo I charge from the heart often
I’m paying art homage as a craft novice
With insatiable learning, yearning, I can’t stop it
I’m not a heart throb or chart topper
Just a smart cobba droppin metatron bombs on ya closed minds
So blind don’t notice the road signs
Up ahead dead end for ya low vibes
Float by on a course as the crow flies
Connect with those collecting real worth
Kinetically burst to energetically heal earth
I feel the birth of realness, we’re on the verge
Let it emerge emitting a surge
Through the universal words a verse on the song lines
Gongs and chimes evoked by a strong mind
It’s been a long time coming around
We rediscovered the knowledge embodied in our genes
It begins in our dreams
Tapping in to our surroundings
Our ability to learn is compounding
We learn quicker, unlock it faster
With practice the novice becomes the master
Track Name: Huz Sane ft. Mr Laneous
It all began at a young age with a puff blazed in amongst mates tryna upstage
Experimentation (butane) with an altered state results were great
Since I was never told to wait I indulged
An the mold broke hold the smoke unfold the soul envoked awake an now
Face down in the BIS grounds things spinnin round from the piss downed learning thru living fowl
So listen up (listen up) if ya pissin up
Or usin wiz up all week till you hit a rut
Big amounts (big amounts) dealin pounds (deal em out)
Double dip an ounce trippin now wiggin out
The rooms movin round, shrooms bloomin out
Who’d of thought this moods found from poo in cows
Occurring naturally, blurred faculties, the universal practice searched galaxies
Angelic realms, psychedelics, sights to relish, light propelling our minds are gelling
To patterns, am I really seeing this? Inner space where time cease to exist
Exercise mind beyond what’s deemed to be fit
Reason seems to be easing it’s grip, an the hard questions are answered right
Expand my mind appreciate the grand design

Blown away and there’s no debate and no way I cold overstate
The potion showed the way yet too many people overstay
20 cones a day smoking coke an base they grow fake
Drug addiction money missin, runnin missions with tunnel vision
Somethins missin the devil knows my serotonin levels rose an then it goes down.
Now the ills that I’m battleing the chills I’m feelin sick
Brain scattering give me some pills and quick
And tho it’s ill advised, I feel obliged to fill the script prescribed by guys in their white cloaks
An why oppose, they diagnose, a higher dosage
Mind that’s open tried to cope but broken
Dropped the ball got so chopped I crawled off the wall ended up in hospital

This twist of fate, my wrists are taped a big mistake should’ve listened to my mates
I’m wishing it would dissipate, is this really the risk that you take
To disengage, hit illicit states, shift an twist my brain
We live in an age of miss information, disintegration
Community suspicious neighbours
What the system creates our vision is fake imprisoned I’m driven to take
Drugs, drugs, drugs I’m driftin, I’m driftin I’m driftin , drifting away!!

Huz sane, they call me un sane
But your not as sane as all of ya’ll claim
roll up, doled up
where you get this lets dismiss
let us get us fill the whole cup
I go the ect,
lets get on prescription in the pharmacy
Huz sane, I’m getting unsane
Who’s got the flame for a blazed brain
Track Name: The Spirit molecule ft Kel on Earth
I’m speakin bout the deepest state achieved to date
Complete awakeness, able to perceive the matrix
Breaking down to fractals and angel sounds
Vibrating in layers the space around me
Sleep walking, through a conscious dream
Collidascopic sights in a constant stream
Indescribably vivid, divinenest wisdom
Geometric design prisms spin infinite
In it I sit, visions of bliss
In awe of this all important performance
Of visual rawness and awesomeness
Teleport to a place where it all fits in
Complete warmth able to see forth
Cradled by these beings who teach all
Perceived more in minutes about infinite form
Then I saw in my whole life since I was born
Shown past the physical self to the limitless realm
See it an hear it but in it as well
I’ve been in a dream, but have finally awoken
my eyes open the moment I closed them

take you on a journey -
it released in your dreams
you can get a taste of it on the breeze
it’s in trees an all living beings
the spirit molecule is in me

like a fact of matter a natural algorithm
of fractal patterns A black hole of energy
the soul of the galaxy attracting atoms
and absorbing knowledge as it formed to solids
the raw unlimited born of infinite an more
the original spore of rhythm the core
of all existent systems of wisdom
matching collapsing prisms of organism
the Energy an inner chi
divinity and synergy within us each
the trinity the force in all living beings
between the seams it feeds the themes
released in dmt an ayahuasca trips
the stream of consciousness
that’s perceived by philosophers who often ponder this
the gift of gods, grand design and plan of life

the complexity in the recipe of infinity
is like a symphony of simplicity as all things interlink
Track Name: Higher Self
I’m not part of the problem
I’m one of the brothers who solves them
My goal is wholeness
my soul is old and it holds light
if the moods right I can rock a tune all night
I alkalise health on the rise
My third eye ain’t getting calcified no
My realm’s high never felt the lies
I hold the vibe like a balder of moldavite
I roll righteous in control of my own mind
I disowned my connection
to social blindness An global finance
ha, see me rapping over psy-trance
I widen my bandwidth and unlearn
to discern universal language
an Speak the truth and understand it’s theory
From this vantage I practice transmitting clearly

These people in the streets and in the industry
I wonder if they all feel quite as free as me
Energy is all around but we cannot see,
our anatomy is made of atoms we
generate our own magnetic field get a feel
disregard almost everything they ever said is real
They force fed us, we all eat it,
As we wake up we need to give each other more credit
Instead of tesla and Edification,
We praise Edison an inventers of devastation
elect predators to head of state
unaware we create our own heavenly fate
we’re trapped in a mind state a reality construct
That’s gone bust beyond corrupt
So let it crumble an trump the bluff
The strong adjust to change as we trust in the one love

I’m ya higher self, I fly between realms
bringin help to lower frequency dwellers
I’m rarely seen but always felt, performing well
intentioned acts of kindness
I form an alliance of aligning guidance inside us all
vibrational but at a higher rate than ya’ll
multi-dimensional lessons install
Manifested to a spectrum within your comprehension
What I teach is essentially ascension
I’m on a quest to rescue my brethren
From a bitter fate, a prison state
a rat race that hates and blatantly discriminates
Showing you a better way of living
within your inner divination of limitless innovation
and inspiration been waiting very patiently for you to
listen graciously to what it is I’m saying
Track Name: Choose One ft Mr Laneous
I Live in a place where carnivorous racists
Pace the streets an Speak in half gibberish phrases
regurgitating words of hatred germinating
Purpose made to serve the matrix
my nerves shaken Concerned of late
an alert to the turn that the world has taken
an environment of products placed up in ya face
nothing but waste relentless pace that hastens
5 sevenths of ya life for a payslips
All aboard economical slave ships
Our minds are borderline automated yo
there’s little more to life than mortgage payments so
rewind, reconnect
We all suspect we’re far from as free as it gets
It’s time for peace rise an defy the beast
An live our lives to a higher degree with a mind that’s free

they got us living in a culture of fear
The result of assault over years
From a child to adult to adhere
cogs in a gear gaols to the rear

The soul is – that which defines us
Evolving – this much you can trust
There’s no end in sight for this guiding light that’s
Unfolding – onto the new age
honing – get thru the next phase
unite for love or fight for crumbs
you have to choose the time has come – choose one

we’re all one – the sooner we realise
we’re all one – confusion and fear dies
all one is all one of all one an all and it’s
growing, flowing
you can’t hold it down cos it’s all around

hold on, the soul is evolving
people strolling, through life with a blind fold on

Adjust focus, ready your mind state
All you primates it’s time to finally awake
Getting irate as your inner shine waits
To be vibrating at a higher rate in divine space
Learn lessons, earn blessings
Work the best that we can to return to essence
Yes indeed, I’m tuned to a clear reception
No fear of ascension clear intentioned
As I steer dimension channelling vastness
No exceptions sceptics clear my path
I’m battling hard at large as I’m rattling bars
For the cattle encaged who dream of greener pastures
My heart skips when disaster hits
From every HAARP trick from a classist clique
Of unchartered blips who far surpass the rich
Full of sick bastards in charge of it ya see

A lot of people can’t cope with a life
That’s cloaked in a lie it’s time that we opened our eyes
An let the hope shine through like
sight to the blind insight of divine truth

Track Name: New World
They try to snaffle vision shackle wisdom tackle victims
Stack all prisons like it’s just a natural fact of business
capitalisms just a pack of wizards and cackling witches
acting suspicious while they’re stacking their riches
enforcing laws an sneaking in important clauses
will resort to force in order to ensure their cause as they
apportion all resources we ignore this awesome portent
of a global order spilling over boarders no remorse or local thoughts
people die in vein, people try to fight for change
indigenous enraged fighting just to stay the same
sustainable’s obtainable, restrained in full
until invaded by insatiables devastating all
they’re gaining gall we await the day they fall
if you’re not appalled gotta keep ya eye on the ball yo
pay attention people stay in detention for escaping the tension
instead of helping were creating their fences
to herd them inside as we further divide in this world of a lie
there’s no word of the murderous violence
that certainly heightens the need to flee in search of asylum
an I’m certain it wouldn’t hurt us to nurture these migrants but…..

This is the new world they’re tracking every step
An if they’re not attacking you they’re trapping you in debt
This is the new world, they’re clocking every move
Control the patents on the gadgets and the planets food
This is the new world, I hope you like it fools
They write the rules and the history you learn in school
This is the new world, their ain’t no countries left
They got absorbed by the board of the IMF

Cos I’m more down with graffotism and the Zapatistas
than this fascist system activating activism
Raise ya pacifists if ya sick of these incessant trickers
we could be sufficient with a deed differs – no doubt
This is resistence in this message
the existence of intrinsic wisdom blessing in the instance testing peoples essence
the redirection of the greed inherent in the people leading terrorism
who can’t see the need to feed the peasants
our words are weapons we prefer to question herd progressions
learn the lessons to avert the earths uncertain direction
effecting you and I and everyone who’s destitute
the rest of you can get the truth on Google … shit it’s censored too
this is for all the people calling evil out until it’s fallen
we will stall‘em be reborn until we all are equal
form a sequel we can all agree to
that’s more see through preserving the earth and all it’s people
Track Name: The deep hold
The deep hold of molding One way or another evolving
Cold pixilated elation they phased out the days frame
Depicted a sickening matrix they sophisticated the basic language
Algorithms of life’s anguish We try manage remain
resolute in a low res substitute that snubs the truth
Loves the troops controls the cubs to youth
recruits guns to boots to shoot thru the soul
is bullet proof Dissolve the mold your put into
bold but to evolve and not slip
from this grip we uphold and rip holes in faultiness
goals are kicked to the deep

the doldrums upbeat with the speech of the old ones seap thru the ear drums
resist when the fear comes let it slide never sweating life getting by
we forever dive deep when the levies breaking, jetties shaking
devastating, demonstrating importance
portents emanate, love or hate, it’s the choice we make, the path we create runs deep

I seen glitches rip this system that divides with riches
Keeps trying to get ya’s all subscribed tied down for all ya life
Deform the ride reforming the tribe from the dawn of time
I for one know it’s deep indeed
I seek the frequencies that are reach for me
And thru the pc I dream dreams and read zines bout
supreme being disease free and it feeds me
rippin off the blinkers I’m trippin off the Inca’s
slippin off the sinkers tipping off the thinkers
lifting off to bring this thought to the forefront
Form one force run forth fore the door shuts
Straw huts to the malls all getting caught up
Poor ones small ones scolded with short cuts
sore luck torn up called to be awestruck
Raw love all one source where the course runs
Track Name: Desmond Cheese ft Yuin Huzami - Spirit Molecule - Desmond Cheese Remix
as original